Youth and Beauty


So I just read some bizarre things about some celebrities. Turns out that Demi Moore’s detox therapy consists of blood-sucking leeches, while Gwyneth Paltrow uses a snake venom cream to keep her skin smooth ,  Madonna gets oxygen facials to keep her face glowing even at the age of fifty-five, and Tom Cruise uses face masks composed of nightingale droppings and rice and water. I was appalled.

There are so many things that are temporary in life. Youth and beauty are two of them. A person is born, she grows into a young woman with vitality, vigor, and so much spirit and hope. That is when she is at the peak of her life. She slowly starts to age, cells start to degenerate and gracefully, she leaves this world. Blame the fame or just too much consciousness, but sometimes…well most of the times, people find ageing depressing. They frown when they look into the mirror to find a wrinkling face or a balding head, they whine about how  they never really wanted it to happen. Or sometimes when people in this perpetual state of believing that they are as young as they were in, say 1995, and they try to fit in with the sixteen year old children of 2013, they are deemed as nothing but odd. Yes, having a clear, taut skin is something everybody desires, because it reminds them of the time when they were appealing, agile and (they think) were agreeable.  But it is just a phase! Nobody, who truly loves you, ever stays with you because of a beautiful body, they are there for you because of who you are!

But it is this image that is projected in people’s minds of the only beautiful age to live in is that of the twenties and thirties. Who projects this image? Well, none other than money-hungry people whose main interest is in extracting money from common people. They hire these beautiful women, with perfect bodies, taut skins and glossed looks to make people believe that beauty comes only from what you look, that your husband pays attention to you only when you look like you were twenty-one, that to get back your love you need to look young. There is a range of beauty products in the market that are made of god-knows-what. But in this desperation to LOOK a certain way, people allow the onslaught of chemicals on their bodies and although, they do succeed in achieving pseudo-youth for a while, the way it affects your body later is horrifying.

According to me, a better way to be youthful and alive and beautiful  is to work on your mind rather than your body. Sure, being fit and healthy IS important, but trying to stop time from taking away what can never really be stopped, is an unwise decision. More importantly, there is nothing more attractive and alluring that a beautiful mind. So rather than fussing about how many creases time has made on your face, or hair it has whitened or taken, you can be the wisest person around with so many people loving your soul and not your body.


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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