A Political POV

The most covered topic right now in Indian newspapers (after the tejpal news) is the rallies taking place in our country. After all, it is in 2014 that a new government will take power. What is interesting this time is that a dynamic leader has been chosen to stand against the ruling party. It is none other than Narendra Modi, current chief minister of Gujarat, and now a prime ministerial candidate of BJP.
It is his state which has been deemed as an ideal for development in India.  It has a literacy rate of 80.18%, it has played an important role in the economic history of India, and is one of the most industrialized states of India. Also, the per capita GDP is higher than the national average. Having lived there, I can confidently say that women are comfortable there, be it teenagers who can wear shortest of shorts and roam around without being ogled at, or women who can roam around even at 2 am in the morning without feeling odd or unsafe. One can see women dominating the stall market as vendors, which, is very rare in other places (you should notice sometime). It is under his rule of fifteen years that Gujarat is so developed. He has nice oratory skills. And he seems to easily sway people.
Our current prime minister is Manmohan Singh. He is an octogenarian, while Modi is sixty three. And Modi is considered the face of young people in India. When you look at his work in Gujarat, you know that it is he who will make India a better place. But, listening to his speech at rallies is disappointing. He makes fun of the opposite party, the prime minister, the hierarchical system in Congress. What he says is very true, but the way he says it, is crude. Also, India has many types of people; many illiterate, many who are only concerned with sufficient food and jobs. But there exists one more kind, which is concerned with everything and everybody. They are concerned about the increasing prices in the market. They are concerned about the drop in the GDP of India. They are concerned about the decrease of the value of rupee against dollar. They are concerned about the corruption scams that have come up in India. They are aware people, who do not trust a party just because it has promised them sufficient amount of water, food, electricity and bills. They are concerned about the place they live in, and will vote for somebody who makes himself accountable for what he does.
Most of representatives of parties concentrate on making people stand against their rivals. They do so by criticizing them. And that is the sad part. Narendra Modi could lure even more voters than he already has, by trying to answer the questions which are prevalent in every aware citizen of India. He could talk about the plans he has for India, what he would do if he came to power. He needs to address every concern people have. He needs to talk about the solutions of the problems India is facing right now. My suggestions might seem juvenile, because that is what a candidate for class monitor speaks about, but I believe that, to gain trust of the wary ones, he needs to address their concerns.
P.S. please don’t arrest me for writing something politically inclined. The above is just a suggestion.


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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