Feminism or sexism?


Every person is beautiful in a way. It is not merely her physical appearance that makes her fit for someone’s desire. It is her attitude, her personality, her like and dislikes, her views on things. It is everything. After all, she is an equal, with a say in every aspect of life. But that is more of an imaginary situation.  Take going to a food store. There come millions of customers. Some would prefer cereals, some would prefer chocolates, and some would prefer candies. Some who cannot afford an expensive chocolate would settle for something that doesn’t hurt her pocket, while those who can buy a better one would buy what they want.

I believe the same thing goes for dating or marriage. A person who has better prospects; she looks good, is good to talk to, has an amazing body, earns well, or anything the other person is searching for, she will get whoever she wants. Whereas if a person is not so good-looking, or is fat or does not have enough a good earning, she will have to compromise and settle for what is available for her.

This is certainly a sexist point of view. Looking at a woman or a man as a product, as a consumable thing served to the other half with a specific outlook is certainly a sexist approach. But it is noticed, that all of this implies more to women. They are the ones who are conscious of what they look like, or are made conscious of the requirement to be a certain way. And yes, one can always blame this male dominant society to make it look like a woman is lovable only when someone is a certain type. It is pretty obvious that everything affects everybody. A sexist outlook is omnipresent. This is a male dominant society. I recognize about every person to be a victim of it. It could as well be an irremovable part of our selves. It is so deeply embedded in each one of us, that although some might take themselves to be die-hard feminists, they fail to realize that they are working towards the same view as everybody else, just with more words. Not just that, they succeed to make their friends lean towards the same thoughts as theirs. Everyone one loves playing with a Barbie doll. After all, she has been introduced to children as a play toy for all. But little do people realize that they are also introduced as a certain stereotype for prettiness. In vulnerable young minds that can be molded so easily, an ideal look of beauty is instilled. And that defines how they look at themselves and others.

This whole issue is so obviously present everywhere, and yet it goes unnoticed. One should take care of what they instill in their children. Because what they learn, and observe is what continues in the society. One needs to stop this male-dominant approach in every aspect of life, So that a person develops into a human being with sensitivity, with respect for everyone around (their own sex and others’) and not into an animal with no sense, but the basics.


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

8 thoughts on “Feminism or sexism?”

  1. Great article. The cosmetics industry thrives on making people feel ugly and inadequate. They are not selling products, but rather an image. I’ve had similar thoughts for some time now. I even wrote a post about it.

  2. It truly is unfortunate to exist in a society where the young minds are corrupted by stereotypes and narrow-mindedness.
    Our inability to filter “what we see and observe” makes us susceptible to sexism and other social ordeals without us ever realizing it.

    Greatly written. I look forward to your next blog.

    P.S Second paragraph has a repetition.


    1. Thank you! I will correct that :p
      It exists everywhere! And not everybody pays attention to what they are being presented with. This whole concept is so huge and so complex, that it becomes difficult to wrap your head around it.

  3. Although the blog entry is well-written and relatable for most of it’s content, I would like to add something on the bit about Barbie Dolls. I recognize the fact that most of the dolls come is a very slim frame to make them more attractive/desirable but what skips our notice is that the company did made them in various figures, clothes, colors so as to not generalize women as malnutritioned-white-painted selves. What we see today are just the rip-offs of the ‘pretty’ barbie and not the culturally designed ones. That in itself proves your point about the prevalent sexism in society.

    1. It is also to be noticed that what you are referring to right now is the new version of barbie. What i am refering to here, is the initial version of these dolls. The different versions that have been given to it has been in the later years.

      1. But isn’t it a shame that we completely ignore the varied versions and instead choose to adore the petite-blond figure? Well, Barbie at least tried to get out of the stereotype but fail because of us.

      2. You sypmathize with the brand. i do not think it had anything to with getting us out of a stereotype. i believe it was more out of the pressure that had been created by women who did not fit in this whole concept.

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