Happiness in Everything



Here in India, people usually hire architects to build their houses, who in turn hire a developer, who then hire free independent labor. There are many rural areas in India. And people who live there are poorer than the state of the areas. These people, in search of better paying jobs continually travel to cities. They are free workers who stand at certain spots in the city, waiting for people to hire them, or directly going to the work they have been assigned.

There are some families which, as a whole, is employed at a construction site. They temporarily settle themselves at the site itself; live and work there till the task is complete, and then move on to a different location, where they have found new work.

This morning, on my way to college, I saw two children of such laborers working. It was about nine in the morning. Their parents were probably working, or had gone somewhere, because they were nowhere to be seen. Near the construction site, unmindful of the sand they sat in, unaware of everything that was happening around them, and with blocks of stone they built homes, like children play with building blocks. I found it mesmerizing to see those two so mesmerized with mere pieces of stone. Sitting hunched, the boy built a two storied structure, its windows divided by the same blocks. Intermittently, he would hammer a block to get the perfect size; while the girl would build a three storey structure, then would remove the top two floors, and then would again build it. She supported each floor by tiles; unaware of the sunglasses that rested in her matted hair, of the skirt that would slip from her thighs again and again.

There are so many people who have about everything they could ever hope for. They are rich; they can buy everything they could ever hope for. But still, there is dissatisfaction, unhappiness and disappointment in their lives. The point here is that happiness is not attained by materialistic things. It is this inner feeling which makes you feel blissfully happy.

There exists happiness in every mundane and seemingly simple act. Happiness can be as simple as basking in sunlight or listening to your mother hum as she cooks food, or even in watching your lover smile. That is what was beautiful in an act as common as two poor children playing with blocks of stone. So many might frown at the thought of sitting in sand. Although they had unkempt hair, unbathed bodies, worn out clothes, they seemed happy and content.

That is exactly what matters in life- being content with what you have, because if you search for it, happiness exists in the smallest and the most mundane things and acts.


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