I will talk about the Girl world. I understand it better. Women are beautiful complex creatures. Graceful, beautiful, and witty. They are a mix of about everything- be it loveliness or ferocity. But there is a sad thing to them. A woman is a woman’s worst enemy. If some woman dislikes another, in a society, there will be all kinds of things- back biting, snubbing, smirking, side eyes, looking down upon. And if it is more serious, there is a horrendous and a very violent fight, which might get physical and ugly.

It all starts with some subtle signs, telling you to stay away from a person who doesn’t like you. Some are clueless and are so naïve that they hardly notice anyone disliking them. Perhaps noticing is not everyone’s cup of tea. So here are some subtle acts that can ring a warning bell in you.

There is an aura about everyone they say. Be it a place, or a thing, or a person. You always know   who you will be comfortable talking to, who will like you, and who won’t. And you always know who likes talking to you.

There is a cold countenance you get. Go to the person who doesn’t like you, you will sense something rigid when you are around them. Then notice them somewhere else, with someone else- you will see how their body language changes.

It is said that one’s eyes convey a thousand words that are left unsaid. Firstly when you try to directly look into somebody’s eyes, they will try to dodge your gaze. If they do not, there is this cold expression about them. When they laugh, their eyes won’t.

The worst of all, is when it starts going to a different, a more verbal level. Suppose you are standing with the same person. You are talking to a common good friend and she asks for a gloss from you. And the one, who doesn’t like you, will comment “you know, I hate –the name of the brand-”. And you can do nothing, but gape inside, and lamely defend the brand.

That is all I could gather till now. But trust me when i say that there is a lot more to it!



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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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