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My friend and I were talking yesterday night. We were talking about a common friend of ours. The friend I was talking to wondered how our common friend miraculously had such an amazing girlfriend. She looks way better than him. And I could not help but snicker and defend this common friend being targeted. Just to give you a background, this guy in question is tall, is a bit fat (a foodie actually, and sorry for the rude word, but I could not find a more relevant word), cannot look at girls in the eye, sweats profusely and has big lips, which look like a lip augmentation gone wrong. Perhaps I am exaggerating, but that is the best I can do at giving a rough sketch of his appearance.

So when he declared his love for her through a Facebook status update, waves of shock rippled through his friends. And thus the wondering I previously mentioned, took place. In a bid to explain my friend, the reason an amazing woman “loved” our common friend, I broadly divided types of men.

There is one group of men which likes to be the submissive ones. These men seem weak and vulnerable and are a bit androgynous. They poke into other’s business, cannot really take a no for an answer. They are the typical stereotypes a man has created for a woman. The only difference is that it applies to men here. They are like sneaky people who do not let the other person (they apparently like) live in peace. They poke their nose in about everything, lie to get their work done (lying is a trait which is not limited to this kind), and live in denial. If no one listens to them, they will act like petulant children, ready to stomp their feet on ground because nobody agreed with their opinion.

The second type is the typical chauvinistic masochist group. These men think they are the “alpha” of a relationship. They turn women into nothing but mere sexual objects. They are arrogant about their being a male, as if their testosterone level remains on an all high. They are cocky, and are self obsessed. As above, they will not take no for an answer. They are the ones who will bully women and try to get closer, although the interaction is clearly unwelcome.

Both, the first and the second type cannot take no for an answer. The first type will pester you until you are brought to tears, the second group will puff their chests up like proud chickens and will peck you until you are brought to tears (pecking as in torture you by talking rude things about you or doing bad stuff to you). Both are vain. And both are inconsiderate.

And then there is a third kind. They are the ones portrayed in movies, loved by all women (well, almost all). They are kind and understanding. Look at women as their equal. They respect each other’s opinions and try to understand their position. The best part about them is that they might be vain, but unlike the first two kinds, they are certainly considerate. They are exactly what every woman dreams to have. They are the ones that make you feel that a relationship is perfect i.e. there is no imbalance there.  Although, I believe there is dearth of them, there certainly are some.

“And thus”, I explained “he (our common friend) has an amazing person loving him, while the rest of our friends are either single, or do not have that attractive partners- personality wise. Oh and he flirts well.” 😀


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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