Pure Obsession


I was going through my photo gallery in my phone. And I realized that mostly, there were my pictures, the rest were of my friends, my family, my crush and some random things that I thought were worth clicking or downloading. I realized our lives are so small! It consists of us, and the people we care about, even if we care about them in the negative way.

Take combing your hair. An act so mundane, so dull, is a big deal. And we do not even realize it. Some obsessed people would obsess about their hair, making sure that each strand is perfectly in place. There are some who do nothing about it. They let their hair be however they want to be. You might think that they do not care about it. But I believe that that they let their hair be the way they are, because they think, “I am so cool with these messy hair”. Obviously, those who are reading this, who do what I mentioned above, will protest, saying that it is not true, because it has never occurred to them. But it is there, even if it is unconscious or subconscious. Even when it is a decision that the government takes, the first question that pops up in our mind is, “how is it going to affect ME?” We talk about others, even if we do not know them. We do it sometimes to appease our curiosity, sometimes because you are friends with them, sometimes because you are not friends with them. We talk about them even when they have not done anything bad to us, but we do not the “vibes” they throw to us.

There is a friend of mine, who I struggle keeping contact with, because he talks mostly in monosyllables. But there are exceptions. Only when I talk about him, or mention something that was mentioned to me by someone about him, he perks up. He then starts talking in paragraphs. You might think he is Gretchen Wieners (from Mean Girls), except that he is a guy.

We obsess about ourselves, talk about ourselves, and think about ourselves. It is almost as if in this big world, we have a small world of our own, happily living in this small bubble of everything that surrounds us. Almost like a big lettered ME standing in front of you all the time.

In a way it is a good thing that we are not aware of what is happening in a house in some other country. That would almost be like information overload, with emotional turmoil overload for free. But it does keep me wondering how we live with so much ignorance, although the others’ information is very trivial (because of the ME factor). wutwutwut


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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