There was a boy. He felt worthless. And he wanted to become something big in his life. What is that he did first? He decided to use less cell phone, disconnect himself from this vast world through the internet to have some time for him. Did he really do it? Or did he just think of leaving it all but decided to use it nevertheless, gently trying to convince himself that it was just for a while? Nobody knows, because I tell my storyteller to shut up right here.

What my imaginary storyteller was aiming at was that no matter whom they are, the first thing we blame of our failures is a small object called mobile phone. When it was first introduced in India 2003, it was a bizarre object which magically connected two people just by dialing their phone number. At least that was what was told to the ignorant old people by their equally ignorant children. No one then might have thought of how dominant it would become in our lives, and so sneakily, that we never realized it. So much so, that our life without a mobile phone these days is simply unimaginable. Be it a small child of five years, who passes his time by playing games on his mother’s phone, a student, who thinks it is nothing but normal to change his display picture everyday on facebook or whatsapp, that pouting for photos is the most obvious thing to do. Or that he has to show his friends everywhere he has been by checking in, or be it the old people. For them, a mobile phone is an absolute necessity to keep a track on their children’s activities or reply to emails or keep in touch with their friends.

People are so engrossed in the phones, that they do not even realize when and how their time flies by. Every night I promise myself that I would not use my cell phone for more than five minutes, and just as I take my eyes off the screen to check the time, I realize that it has already been three hours of me using my phone.

A simple gadget which helps your call people is less time taking than the one with an internet facility. And some might put arguments against it, saying that it is the quick facility of internet on phones that has made us better equipped and more informed. But question yourself- how much time do you spend talking to your friends through internet than using it for banking, or searching information or just working? Yes, this facility, so easily available, has made us better equipped, but all it has provided us is, an easier way of throwing away our precious time. Had this precious time been used to think about where India has sunk or what kind of politicians are really are ruling us, India could be a better country already.

Where such mind numbing facilities have been made available to the most rural parts of India, be it the auto-wallah who is taking you somewhere, or the butcher nearby, or your housemaid, or the adivasi that lives in the jungles, or the banjara who lives in the desert- each one of them has it., whereas most of them are blissfully ignorant of who is ruling them, or what his/her ideas are to make their lives better. Is that the reason we are so easily led to believe anything anyone says?

Although a better phone is defined as the one with every facility – be it the whatsapp, or facebook, or snapchat or whatever, these really are the evils of the society, barring you from thinking of anything but about the little comfortable bubble that surrounds you. And it should never be like that.

Because that gives a wide, unquestioned opportunity to fools, corrupted minds and bodies, and utterly selfish people to rule over us, who think of nothing, but gaining their interests and miserably failing but still trying to rule the world, when their own country is staggering, wounded by the fatal attacks they have made on us, the common people as a whole, our country.

The whole generation, be it the fluently  English speaking elitist children, or the gali ke tharki (vulgar vagabonds who lurk around dirty streets, ogling at every girl that passes by), all mesmerized by a small palm sized entity, blissfully ignorant, working like mules, to pour their hard earned money to the big sharks, and what for? For a few days of pseudo-pleasure, which turns to restlessness if denied to you.


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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