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So I have transformed into a very, very crappy person. I was one of those who weren’t moved when the child is separated from his mother in Taare Zameen Par. and now? I am ashamed to admit that I am one of those who have cried in every movie that was a little touching- The Great Gatsby, Raam Leela, and V for Vendetta. Name the movie, and I have been moved to tears. Believe it or not, I was sobbing when I thought Daisy had called Gatsby in the end, and when Raam and Leela decide to die together, or V and Erey decide to confess their love for each other. Yes. It is odd. And it is embarrassing for me to admit to it. But I realize I cannot help it. I was one of those who did not care about anyone but me, let’s just say that it has both increased and decreased. Increased, because I love showering myself with pity, sympathy, adoration- everything, but at the same time I have realized that not all are as shallow as me- when I would prefer clothes or shoes or jewelry, others would prefer something more personalized and heartfelt. I have changed. A LOT.

And thus I realized that the promises we make as children, when we graduate from school are pointless. We have a very strong conviction that we wouldn’t ever change, or even if we did, we would never stop loving something or something. My friends were crying on our graduation day, making each other promise that we would never ever stop talking to each other, never drift away, and that our friendship would be the same forever. It has been about ten months since I graduated. I talk to two or three school friends and not that frequently. I have seen the best and the strongest of relationships break or dwindle to nothing but a talk or two in a month. One of my friends recently uploaded a status “there are so many friendships which ended with- and then we seemed to stop talking”. Each one of us changes so easily and so fast that it is hard to catch on to what your friend or partner has become. It might be disappointing or great for some, but the change happens. Always. Once I hated the concept of marriage, I still dislike it, but now I certainly want to wear a wedding dress before I get wrinkles on my face.

With change in environment, people around you, you find yourself changing, and the people around you changing. A friend of mine could be termed as an awkward nerd who talking to me, and cared a bit about me. A bit nosy, but I liked that. Now he is one of those cool dudes who don’t care about anyone but themselves. I miss him. But whatever. My point here is that do not promise when you cannot keep promises, because people change, and they forget promises and you are left with nothing but a bunch of promises that are of no worth other than pain and sadness they lend to you.

P.S. Do not think that I’ve been disappointed because somebody promised me or something. No nothing like that. Just reflecting a bit. 😉


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

2 thoughts on “Promises Promises”

  1. I agree, we do change in the sense we do and act as the circumstances around ask us to. and this change is shallow, not a deep one..that is why there is another change soon with the change of environs…

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