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Whenever I read The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant (if you have not read the story, here is the link- , I am left with disappointment. He leaves us at the point where the reader craves for more, wants to know what Madame Loisel did. Here is something I conjured from my imagination.

Mme. Lionel’s eyes widened as Mme. Forrestier revealed the truth about the necklace. Her movements halted. Every thought she had in mind flew away. She stepped back, turned and fled away from Mme. Forrestier, who was left confused and pitying. She ran till she was near her house. Her steps were hasty, her fingers fiddling with the lock for a while till she entered her small house. She looked around as if she saw the room for the first time. As the realization of everything she had lost for nothing finally dawned upon her, she burst crying and crumpled right there on the floor.

“Matilda? Is that you? How are you home already? Oh dear what happened? Why are you crying? Did something happen to you in the market? Tell me love.” Loisel said as he sat down near her and tried to soothe her. It seemed that it was a day of realizations for Mme. Loisel because for the first time she realized how hard her husband had to work to fulfill her whims and fancies and then to suffer and pay for her faults. She started crying harder thinking of how she had never really reciprocated the love her husband had for her, only because she was too vain to think of everything she did not have.


“Oh my love, I am grieving!” she said as she buried herself in his arms and sniffled.

“Grieving? What happened dear? Tell me. I will help you if I can. Tell me! What is that matter, love?”

“Oh nothing much dear. Did you know I love you? I love everything you have done for me. And I am terribly sorry for I have never appreciated everything around me. Please forgive me love! Please do!” as she sobbed and sobbed.

Loisel let out a relieved chuckle. “My love, I love you too. It was high time you said it to me, for I have waited for you to say it for too long. Come on. Stand up. I will help you set the table. Come love.”

It was as if what Mme. Forrestier had said had become irrelevant and the burden she had felt, of being wrongly married in a wrong house had lessened. Although she still believed that they deserved a better life, she decided that she was content and happy.

It had been many days since that eventful Sunday. Mme. Loisel smiled as she thought of the promise her husband had made the previous night. He had promised to accompany her to the nearby park for a small picnic. there was a slight bounce in her step as she went to open the door since someone had knocked. Her smile faltered as she saw Mme. Forrestier standing at her doorstep. Courtesy made her allow Mme. Forrestier to enter her house.

“Why are you here Jeanne?” Mme. Loisel said, wringing her wrists nervously. She thought of the cobweb that dominated one obscure corner, and the worn carpet and the barely there furniture. Mme. Forrestier’s step faltered, and she nervously smiled at Mme. Loisel. “Matilda I have come to apologize for everything that life has punished you with because of a necklace that meant nothing more than a flippant piece of jewelry. I cannot repay you the years that have gone wasted, I cannot repay with the necklace because it is now dear to me for it is something that you almost gifted me. But I have a lot of money. Since M. Forrestier died, I have been alone and I have not had a dear friend like you. I want to give you back everything you had to pay for the necklace, and I want my dear friend back. So, I have ordered seventy thousand pounds to be deposited into your husband’s account. I sincerely am sorry, but I am selfish. And I want my friend back.”

Mme. Loisel stood silent for a minute. “I am sorry for not being there for you, and for your loss. I will always be there for you.”


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2 thoughts on “The Necklace…And Some More”

  1. Your extending ‘The Necklace’ is very congruous to the virtuous era, The Necklace belonged to. Hoping this end could be one strong prediction for such a story where good prevails over the evil.

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