Words are odd things. We sometimes curse them because we have to study them and study because of them; or thank them for being there because that is how we express ourselves to someone. Recently, I was writing a paper and sleep deprived as I was, I marveled at the power of words, and our comprehension of them.

There lies so much beauty in writing. The odd curves one makes into b, a, l and d could mean nothing to an illiterate. It could mean nothing but something scribbled on a wall or a paper. But for a person who can read, it not only makes the couple of curves into a word called bald, it also instills in him the picture of a man with no hair on his head. Imagine the world without words in it, where no one could ever comprehend a single word. Would you be able to tell you mother of who bullied you at school? Would you be able to tell your beloved of how much you love him/her? Would you ever be able to text, or post an update on the dress you are going to wear the next day?

The beauty of buildings is enticing because you are attracted to the careful way thousands of workers came together to take simple blocks of stones into huge attractive buildings. But once you are done with watching, all you can do is sigh and move on to watch the next piece of architecture. But a couple of words that form a sentence, and a couple of sentences which form the chapters of every novel are so engaging that as you read the words, a new world forms right in your head. You see the hero saving the world from going into oblivion, you see kings fighting with each other for lands, you see nymphs sitting on beautiful expanses singing the sweetest songs. And when you are done with the novel, you still think about it because the vast lands and its events sit in your head forever until you find something even more compelling in mere pages.

When I think of the world we have evolved from, I am filled with pity for the people. To live in a world where affection could be shown only by snuggling into someone, when along with that we can say “I love you” in their ears, is nothing but pitiful. It is these words that can compel people to take up arms and fight for their nation and the same words quell them to put the arms down and live a peaceful life. The world really is a better place with words and people with comprehension of these words.


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Perception, awareness, comprehension, apprehension, sharpness and a flair is important to gain insights. It is my journey towards that. :)

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